HORIZON 2020: the people we seek

Jesuit education aims to provide holistic education for a different society. Education is the tool that decisively shapes the way we understand the world and our decisions.

    • We are committed to educating, with close collaboration from families, so that students can discover their full potential and forge their own path in life.

  • The people we seek
    • Conscious people

      Conscious people analyse their surroundings, reflect on what is going on around them, have a critical view and provide creative responses. 

    • Competent people

      Able to develop in the complexity of the 21st century, guided by criteria of co-existence and contribution to social transformation. 

    • Compassionate people

      Students that can evolve based on feelings of charity and compassion with a sense of justice and solidarity, which leads them to help change unjust structures.

    • Committed people

      People who learn to understand that we are all connected to each other and to the Earth.

    • Flexible people open to change

      The ability to think about their own talents and adapt them to changing situations is a learning tool that our schools aim to make a habit for improving our students through education and for helping them understand life as an on-going learning process.

    • Global, multilingual people

      People who can relate to and understand different points of view, cultures and complex situations. People who feel at home in the world. Students who are open to learning and communicating in different languages to forge their own personal and professional path.

    • Multicultural, systemic, digital people

      Our students must be able to master the tools that are changing our world, and which can be used for good or bad. A Jesuit education encourages students to be aware and learn the right way to harness the potential of the digital world they live in and where they will develop their entrepreneurial skills.

    • Independent people who can work as a group and in a network

      We want to put teamwork and co-responsibility at the core of our students’ education, making it a natural way to work in the world of the 21st century. An interconnected world in which students must be able to identify the nodes in which they can forge their own personal and professional paths.

    • Spiritual and self-guided people

      Students who can guide their lives as witnesses of the work of God. Committed to harnessing their talents and putting them at the service of others, for a full, whole life. Students who find their happiness through inner inspiration and outer realisation. 

    • Able to be part of the complex reality and evolve with it

      A Jesuit school aims to be a place where students can train and prepare the attitudes and skills they need and to move towards a fuller satisfaction, learning in line with the criteria and values they have learnt throughout our educational process.