The school we want

The Jesuit Education network of schools is committed to profoundly transforming education. We want to build a new school with a new model, based on the principles and values of Ignatian pedagogy, breakthroughs in teaching, psychology and neuroscience.

    • It is very important to think from the students’’ perspective when creating a new pedagogical model, as they are the ones who will be affected.

  • The school we want
    • Evangelising

      An evangelising school that helps its students develop strong life paths towards becoming competent, conscious, compassionate and committed people.

    • Humanistic

      An education that seeks both emotional and intellectual development. We develop multiple intelligences and skills work.

    • From the 21st century

      We’re aware that society is different in the 21st century than it was in the 20th. We put students at the centre of the teaching and learning process to integrate knowledge and know-how in a more experience-based manner. 

    • New pedagogical model: MENA

      Based on the essence of Ignatian pedagogy, the fundamentals of the psychology of learning and recent contributions from neuroscience. 

    • Supporting educators

      The school provides support, guidance, training and personal and professional development opportunities for its educators.

    • Physically different

      The school has totally renovated its space to fit with the new dynamic pedagogical model.

    • Educational playground

      Playgrounds are also considered educational spaces and have become pleasant spaces for connecting, co-existing and playing.

    • New organisational model

      A new organisational and management model based on a generalised reordering of processes, a new structure for network services and improved computer tools to better support educators.

    • Facilitating faith-based experiences and commitment

      Fully integrating education in experiences of faith and social commitment as a path for the individual and the community. 

    • Early stimulation

      Incorporating early cognitive and emotional stimulation as a way to encourage neuronal development to contribute to proper learning.

    • Integrated and interconnected

      The school integrates and interconnects, under a single educational project, culture, sport and music activities carried out during the week for holistic development of students as people.

    • Environmentally friendly

      An important part of the comprehensive educational project that makes the centre in itself a source of love, respect and guardianship of the Earth.

    • Catalan and open to the world

      A Catalan school, open and committed to its surroundings and the global world, with everyday experience of the international scope.

    • Integrated vocational training

      The great protagonist of the schools that offer this training, integrated as a network with one vocational training programme on three campuses. Incorporating in-company training and double programmes.

    • International baccalaureate

      The baccalaureate is a network programme with different specialisations depending on the strengths of each school and a specific division of the international Jesuit baccalaureate integrated into the global network.

    • Jesuit network

      The Jesuit Education schools work together, as a network, as a single institution with ample room for collaboration with other Jesuit schools in Spain, Europe and the world.

    • With driven, committed people

      All of these changes allow us, through personal guidance, to train students with a strong sense of their own identity and a clear path for their life based on dedication and commitment. Flexible people who are open to change, with a deep sense of spirituality and inner reflection inspired by the Ignatian magis.