25 de febrer de 2023

Erasmus IN

Compartim l'experiència de Joao Sousa, estudiant portuguès de l'escola d'Hostalaria e Turismo do Estoril, partner Erasmus de la nostra escola.

I am saddened to announce that my #Erasmus experience has come to an end. However, I am immensely grateful for the Erasmus+ program, which has allowed me to participate in such an incredible academic and life opportunity. During the semester at the #BarcelonaFundació Jesuïtes Educació Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi, I was able to fully immerse myself in the Catalan culture, study in a dynamic and innovative academic environment, and connect with the most interesting, open, ambitious and wonderful people, thereby improving my Spanish language skills. Joining the Tourism and Accomodation Management program, I took part in valuable courses based on team-project method concerning accommodation management, with a particular interest in marketing and business. But it wasn't just about the academics - living in Barcelona was an adventure in itself! From the beautiful architecture and stunning beaches to the delicious food and vibrant nightlife, there was never a dull moment. I made new friends from all over the world, and we explored the city together, trying new things and making memories that will last a lifetime. Looking forward, I am eager to embark on taking on experiences abroad and I am grateful for the personal and academic growth that this experience has provided.

En Joao va cursar un semestre al Cicle Formatiu de Grau Superior d'Allotjaments turístics. Es va incorporar a 2n curs i va realitzar tots els projectes del 1r semestre participant de totes les activitats i visites que es varen realitzar, com un estudiant més. Les matèries estudiades a la nostra escola van ser reconegudes i convalidades en el seu centre seguint l’acord Erasmus signat per ambdues parts.

Erasmus IN