March 22nd, 2024

Relief at the General Directorate of Jesuit Education

Next September, Minerva Porcel will take over from the current general director of the Foundation, Esteve Mogas, who has been running the institution for the last two years.

Minerva Porcel

Minerva Porcel is an Agricultural Engineer (UdL) and Master in Educational Psychology (UB). She has been a secondary school teacher at Jesuits Lleida for fifteen years. In 2013, he assumed the direction of the New Intermediate Stage (NEI) at Jesuïtes Lleida as part of the Horizon 2020 project. In 2015, he became director of the Third and Fourth Stages of Secondary Education (TQE) to continue the deployment of pedagogical innovation in the network field. He is also a member of the Educsi teaching committee. The Board of Trustees appreciates your willingness to accept this new assignment of service and commitment to the education of children and young people.

The new director general, who will join on September 1, replaces Esteve Mogas, who is finishing a two-year period at the head of the institution. Esteve Mogas completes a Jesuit Education assignment that has served to lay the foundations for economic, organizational sustainability and new professional profiles and to strengthen Christian identity and educational pastoral care in line with the educational sector of the province of Spain. Esteve, once his mandate ends on August 31, 2024, will continue to be linked to various works of the Company of Jesus.

Jesuit Education thus begins a new stage with enthusiasm to continue forward, always at the service of students, educators and families, with the firm shared purpose of educating men and women with others and for others, in the style of Jesus of Nazareth and able to understand a world in continuous transformation for which they must be prepared.