Mission and values of the Jesuit Education Foundation

Mission and values

Our purpose

We are the foundation responsible for the eight Jesuit schools in Catalonia. Our mission is to educate people so that they can live fully, work for the common good and share the desire to transform themselves in order to transform the world.

The Foundation: an educational network with a long tradition

  • Treballem des de les diferents escoles jesuïtes en un projecte educatiu compartit. El nostre objectiu: assolir una experiència educativa de màxima qualitat. 
  • Comptem amb 2.000 educadors al servei de 14.500 persones: l’alumnat. Preparem l’alumnat per ser persones compromeses, conscients, competents i compassives.
  • Formem part del moviment internacional d’institucions educatives no universitàries de la Companyia de Jesús i participem en projectes socials i en intercanvis.

Jesuit schools

Our schools are spaces for innovation in education. We promote the continuous training of the teaching staff and develop a global educational proposal: both academic and personal. We help students acquire skills to interact with an evolving multicultural world. From the schools of the network, we convey to the students the value of transforming oneself in order to transform the world.

Learn about the eight Jesuit schools in Catalonia:

  • Jesuits Bellvitge - Centre d’Estudis Joan XXIII
  • Jesuits Casp - Sagrat Cor de Jesús
  • Jesuits El Clot - Escola del Clot
  • Jesuits Gràcia - Col·legi Kostka
  • Jesuits Lleida - Col·legi Claver-Raimat
  • Jesuits Poble Sec - Col·legi Sant Pere Claver
  • Jesuits Sant Gervasi - Escola Infant Jesús
  • Jesuits Sarrià - Sant Ignasi
Pati exterior amb alumnes d'infantil de l'escola Jesuites Sarria - Sant Ignasi

A global educational proposal with...

  • A unique and benchmark pedagogical project: Horizon+. An integrative educational model, from kindergarten to secondary school and vocational training cycles.
  • A passionate and committed team. We encourage educational innovation and consolidate methodologies through organized training with the pedagogical and pastoral teams.
  • Constant support to build the student's life journey. A transformative educational experience to grow spiritually, mature, understand others and give meaning to each individual's existence.
  • A firm rooting of the Jesuit schools within the environments in which they are located, where they participate in social and cultural projects with educational values.
  • An enormous commitment to having students participate in the social projects of the Society of Jesus in Catalonia.
Proposta educativa de la Fundacio Jesuites

Horizon+: transformative education

Horizon+ is the educational project of the Jesuit schools. A global proposal that responds to the challenge of educating forward-looking individuals with a hopeful and transformative attitude.

Skills for the 21st century

A global educational project that develops skills such as teamwork, flexibility, creativity and communication skills.

Critical spirit

We encourage reflection so that students make meaningful decisions and are mindful about their actions.

Personalized learning

We believe in personalized learning as a tool to respond to the needs, abilities and pace of each person.

Active methodologies

We promote students' interests, skills and talents with methodologies such as project work or language immersion.

Global citizenship

Our educational project is transformative because it responds to the challenges of the real environment. We help students understand the world in order to improve it.

Formative and self-assessment

Academic and personal educational guidance to help students get to know themselves, set goals and choose the most suitable path for them.

The role of the educational team

The work of the professional community of Jesuit schools is essential to our model. We are committed, passionate people with a vocation for education. We promote collaboration among teachers with tools such as continuous training and innovation. And so we offer an education that helps each person become the best version of themselves. We work together for the full development of students with high quality personal, academic and spiritual support.

Classe de batxillerat artisitic de l'escola Jesuites Gracia

The families: central focus of the overall proposal

We involve families as a fundamental part of our educational transformation. Their participation in the day-to-day life of the Jesuit schools helps us draw up action plans and continuous improvement plans.

Familia de l'escola de Jesuites Lleida
Comprehensive, humanistic and humanizing

Our vision of the Gospel

We incorporate the values of the Gospel into our educational project through a vision:

  • Comprehensive. We broaden the vision of reality and explore religion as a personal dimension. We do this by fostering a critical spirit, building one's own life journey and emotional skills in relationships with others.
  • Humanistic and humanizing. We spend time developing each person's aspirations. We put students at the centre so they can be the main characters in their own story and become engaged in making the world a fairer place.

With this vision of the Gospel, we educate in habits and values. We encourage a view of the world that allows us to reflect on it and participate in it.

Capella de l'escola Jesuites Lleida

Our vision of global citizenship

We train people with and for others. We want to turn students into global citizens: people capable of making decisions, helping others and changing their environment. This humanistic vision is embodied in the five areas addressed at Jesuit schools:

  • Gender equity and co-education
  • Social justice
  • Interculturality and inclusion
  • Human and sustainable development
  • Democratic participation
Alumnes de primaria de l'escola Jesuites Gracia

The origin of global Ignatian citizenship

Our vision of global citizenship goes back to the beginnings of the Society of Jesus, at the end of the 16th century. When it ventured out into the world, the Society of Jesus encountered a great diversity of people and culture that enriched its experience.

This human, intercultural and interlinguistic dimension remains present in the Foundation today, and is reflected in our educational project.

For us, joining the education of Jesuit schools to global citizenship means joining a tradition of faith, justice, dialogue and reconciliation through a humanistic and global formative proposal. It is the opportunity to prepare engaged, compassionate, competent and aware individuals to interact with the world, and transform it by transforming themselves.