Characteristics of Jesuïtes Poble-sec

At Jesuïtes Poble-sec - Col·legi Sant Pere Claver, we promote the guidance of students throughout their educational experience.

Why choose us?

A close-knit school where students take centre stage

Personalized learning

We generate learning with value and meaning. We encourage autonomy in the learning process to explore needs and interests.

Alumnes de l'escola Jesuites Poble-sec

Global citizenship

We understand interculturality as an essential value to educate from a position of respect, diversity and acceptance as a source of enrichment.

Ciutadania Globla

Small school, close-knit school

We enjoy a positive atmosphere through appreciation, trust and collaborative support. We are a close-knit family school.

Alumnes de l'escola Jesuites Poble-sec

Long artistic tradition

We work on students' artistic creativity as a motivational tool. Art projects are central to our learning. The school has strong artistic roots and we have been awarded many prizes.

Alumna de l'escola Jesuites Poble-sec

Multilingual School

In an increasingly multilingual society, the ability to communicate in several languages is essential.

This is one of the pillars within the school's educational project.

Escola plurilingue