Primary educational project at Jesuïtes Poble-sec

The Primary stage educational project is divided into different cycles.

Primary educational project

We divide the Primary educational project into:


The initial stage from Primary year 1 to year 4. The students are the protagonists of the teaching process. We welcome and value their autonomy so that they can discover their abilities and skills.


Comprising year 5 and 6. We promote the personal maturity and cognitive development of the children. We explore their psycho-pedagogical abilities on a daily basis to boost their talents.


  • We explore self-awareness, critical thinking and personal talent in order to enhance autonomy and development capabilities.

  • We foster creative capacity with methodologies that boost personal skills and awaken the spirit of exploration.

  • We promote the academic and personal excellence of each child through meaningful and personal experiences.

  • We support the children individually and in groups based on their personal experiences. We encourage collaborative relationships.

  • We actively integrate all families into the ecosystem of our educational community.

  • We involve students and their families in social challenges to enhance their engagement with the world.

  • We share relevant and up-to-date material in order to achieve full skill development.

  • We merge the environment and the educational network to promote a participatory and inclusive community.

  • We create synergies and new links to promote learning processes with bright, enjoyable and multipurpose spaces.

Our programmes and projects

Our Horitzó+ educational model

Extraescolar d'angles a les escoles de la xarxa Jesuites Educacio

Exploring English

The teaching of English in primary education is a continuation of the work begun in infant education. Intentional communication remains a fundamental pillar in the teaching and learning of English, as well as promoting activities that allow for the development of multilingual skills.

The school participates in regional educational competitions in the English language which serve to introduce them to other realities and cultures in order to make them aware of the pluralistic world in which we live.

Alumne de primaria de l'escola Jesuites Poble-sec llegint un comic pel projecte lector

Reading project

We read while playing. We awaken our children's curiosity for reading. Together, we explore tools and strategies and promote participation, equality and self-regulation with the reading project. We lay the foundations of reading and writing, which are key to their development.

Alumna de primaria de l'escola Jesuites Poble-sec amb un piano

Discovering art

The tradition of our school to place a strong emphasis on the artistic dimension goes back to its origins, when important artists were part of the school's faculty.

Alumnes de primaria a l'extraescolar de robotica de l'escola Jesuites Poble-sec

Robotics and programming

Initial Cycle PIN: We develop computational thinking with a technology-focused environment where we explore construction, robotics and programming.

Intermediate Cycle PIN: We discover the intermediate cycle PIN research boxes. We explore digital information processing and working with robotic models such as LEGO WeDo 2.0.

Higher Cycle: We encourage creativity and cooperative work. We create and program robots with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 material, among others.