Infant Educational Project at Jesuïtes Poble-sec

The child at the centre of learning. This is our educational project model: Horitzó +. Religion, values and eight dimensions to support students throughout the school experience.

Infant Educational Project

Alumne d'infantil de l'escola Jesuites Poble-sec

Students as the protagonists

We create an ecosystem in which the children are at the centre of learning. In a stimulating environment, children explore the best of themselves and their surroundings.

Alumnes i docents d'infantil a una de les aules de l'escola Jesuites Poble-sec

Flexible spaces

We facilitate mobility according to the needs of each individual with bright, open and colourful spaces. We encourage habits of tidiness, sharing and socializing, and stimulate creativity.

Familia d'infantil de l'escola Jesuites Poble-sec

Involvement of families

We open the doors to families to get involved with the centre. From ages 3 to 6, home and school play a major role in the educational experience.

Alumne i docent de l'escola Jesuites Poble-sec amb els recursos digitals

Digital resources

We integrate different communication and learning tools into the classroom. We support students in the achievement of specific objectives.

Alumnes i docent d'infantil de l'escola Jesuites Poble-sec

Flexible time

We personalize education with schedules that adapt to each child. We learn drop-off time until the special dedication at the end of the day.

Alumnes d'infantil de l'escola Jesuites Poble-sec

Dynamic evaluation

We encourage self-evaluation and co-evaluation to foster coexistence. With these tools, students get to know each other in order to grow and advance.

Alumnes d'infantil de l'escola Jesuites Poble-sec

Reverse methodology

We learn by doing with globalizing projects that work on all intelligences. Play is an opportunity to enjoy, grow, socialize and learn.

Alumna d'infantil de l'escola Jesuites Poble-sec

Integration of values

We base our education on religion, values and coexistence. We promote self-awareness and helping others.

Programmes and projects

We apply the Horitzó+ educational model in learning initiatives. Discover them below:


We lay the foundations of English at the infant stage.

We encourage the learning of the basics from P3 in linguistic immersion spaces and with the use of different resources and materials (routines, songs, stories, poems and festivities).

We promote a broad use of the English language and encourage students to make communication-oriented creations.


We connect the children to social and cultural knowledge through learning nodes. We guarantee globalizing and interdisciplinary experiences from different levels.

We form learning communities by mixing children from P3, P4 and P5. We follow a teaching sequence: Prompt - Ask - Investigate - Apply - Communicate - Reflect. We work on inclusivity and education for coexistence through values such as respect and empathy.


We apply a personalized education to the interests and rhythms of each child. We work in corners to develop autonomy and the proposal that most interests the students.

We promote different talents and skills with stimulating proposals. We encourage engagement in activities that relate to curriculum content.