Continuing training at the Jesuit Education Foundation

Continuing training

El vostre paper és indispensable per al creixement de l’alumnat

Your role is essential to student growth. We want to help them grow into capable and committed individuals to make the world a better place: global citizens. In this transformative education, it is vital that the professionals who accompany them are also global citizens. That is why we believe in the continuing training of our teaching teams.

Why do we train the teaching team?

The new functions of the teaching role require continuing training in order to stay up to speed with the skills and attitudes needed to tackle our current challenges. Our continuing training aims to enable professionals to carry out their work to the fullest.

Docent de l'escola Jesuites Gracia

Continuous training in figures

  • Constituïm comunitats professionals d’aprenentatge que aprenen conjuntament.
  • Fomentem la participació activa de la comunitat educativa.
  • Partim de l’experiència i reptes reals.
  • Fomentem la reflexió sobre la pràctica.
  • Col·laborem entre els equips de cada escola i de la xarxa.
  • Partim del modelatge.

Teacher training routes

New educators

We accompany new recruits with training sessions for the first two years. We encourage collaboration between professionals from the eight schools, accompany them in their introduction to our mission, and consolidate the foundations of the educational project.

Docent de les escoles de la xarxa Jesuites Educacio

Continuing training

Throughout the academic year, we organize training sessions according to the needs of the schools and Horizon+.

Teaching Forum
As part of our commitment to innovation and teacher training, at the end of the year we hold the Teaching Forum: a week of online training. In the 2020-2021 academic year, we offered more than 22 courses related to the six strands of the new curriculum.

Formacio continuada a les escoles de la xarxa de Jesuites Educacio

Teacher training: new roles and leadership

Recruitment programme
We design continuous training experiences to develop the skills in our model, such as innovation and educational transformation. We work together with the teaching team so that they can carry out their transformative work at each stage.

We have continuous training programmes to give teachers the necessary tools and resources, both formal and emotional, to acquire managerial and leadership skills.

How do we approach teacher training?

Al llarg del curs 2020-2021, vam completar…


hores totals de formació


hores de formació en competències professionals i personals


hores de formació en compliment normatiu


hores de formació en identitat i missió


hores de formació en pedagogia

We start with modelling.

  • Model d’aprenentatge de les llengües (MALL)

  • Avaluació formativa i formadora

  • Inclusió

  • Paradigma pedagògic ignasià

  • Ciutadania global