International dimension of Fundació Jesuïtes Educació

We live in a world that calls for global collaboration and mutual understanding. That is why we trust in an international education. It is essential to prepare students to understand cultural and linguistic diversity in order to know how to face global issues.

International dimension

An international educational project

One of the mainstays of our educational strategy is internationalization of training. With international syllabus projects, we broaden our schools' horizons and shape students to be open-minded individuals. Highlights include:

  • International exchange programmes with more than 25 years of tradition. They connect us physically and virtually with educational communities around the world.
  • Network projects with other Jesuit schools within a shared framework of international education, both for students and the teaching community.
  • Language immersion to strengthen knowledge of the study languages (German, French and English).
  • Methodologies that teach students to discern how to adapt to any coexistence setting.

Ignatian pedagogy promotes learning through experience, reflection and action. We apply it through international experiences to foster the personal growth of students. Thus, we help them to become better people and to overcome fears and insecurities when faced with the unknown.

Study trips, exchanges and international projects

We encourage international education in schools through initiatives that develop curiosity about different cultures, customs, beliefs and traditions. We achieve this through language immersion, international exchanges and virtual collaborations with centres around the world.

Study trips a la Fundació Jesuïtes Educació

International projects with schools around the world

Water is life (WIL) Conference Project

A project based on water as an essential element for living. This consists of an international debate with students from more than 30 schools around the world about the importance of access to water.

Friends for Europe a Escòcia

Friends for Europe

Programme of cultural stays and language immersion with schools in Great Britain and Ireland for 6th class students.

Global Responsibility Conference

An international cooperative project between 25 schools around the world on issues relating to global responsibility. The most recent: «Safety and Security Challenges in a Globalized World».

European Citizenship a Jesuïtes Educació

European Citizenship

A programme comprising schools in the Catalan Jesuit network and other schools in Europe. The objective: to develop content, within the syllabus, about European identity.

International projects with Jesuit schools in Europe

Jesuits and the history

Jesuits & History | Jesuits Star Conferences

Debates on current issues that are based on the history of education in Jesuit schools. We also include leadership and personal growth topics.


YES (Young European Students)

International syllabus project in collaboration with the Jesuit schools of Ghent (Belgium) and Milan (Italy). This consists of an exchange with three main activities: theatre, choir and sport.

JEEP amb Fundació Jesuïtes Educació

JEEP (Jesuit European Educational Project)

Educational alliance of nine Jesuit schools in Europe. The project consists of simulating a European Parliament, with the aim of promoting European awareness among the students.

Erasmus+ accreditation

Our schools aim to be Erasmus+ accredited centres. Most of them are already accredited by SEPIE (Servicio Español para la Internacionalización de la Educación). Having Erasmus+ accreditation in the field of school education allows us to make sustained progress in the internationalization of our schools through the opportunities that Erasmus+ offers.

Acreditació Erasmus+

Projectes de mobilitat de l'estudiantat

Estudiants de les escoles Jesuïtes en un intercanvi a Venècia

Estancias o intercambios de corta duración

Vivir una experiencia inmersiva en un contexto distinto al habitual. Se trata de un proyecto común con una escuela extranjera que implica un extenso programa de actividades y visitas en la lengua de aprendizaje (inglés, francés y alemán) y que enriquece al alumnado cultural y personalmente.

Movilidad de larga duración

Durante el período mínimo de un mes, se trata de realizar una estancia en el extranjero o bien para estudiar en un centro escolar asociado o bien para realizar una formación práctica en otra organización. Se elabora un programa de aprendizaje individual para cada participante. Además, el alumnado recibe una formación obligatoria previa a su viaje y un soporte organizativo y tutorial durante toda su estancia.

Els intercanvis virtuals permeten millorar les habilitats comunicatives de l'alumnat

Intercambios virtuales

Los proyectos de intercambio virtual promueven el diálogo intercultural y el desarrollo de competencias comunicativas, innovadoras y creativas online. Las plataformas digitales constituyen una valiosa herramienta para ello.

International mobility of the teaching team

  • Structured training and courses: We develop different learning programmes that facilitate the implementation of our educational project and improve educational practices.
  • Teaching stays: Our team provides training in an organization or school in another country.
  • Job shadowing: Observation period in a foreign school that promotes interaction with counterparts, experts and other professionals. At the same time, it allows them to share different techniques and methodologies.
Mobilitat i estades docents

USA Project - Fundació Jesuïtes Educació

This project is born from our desire to internationalize the education of Catalan Jesuit schools. It entails exchanges of two to four weeks with Jesuit schools in the USA.

Small groups of students from Catalan schools (between 16 and 17 years of age) experience a language and cultural immersion at a Jesuit school in the USA. Students stay with host families and join their school routine, with all the classes, activities and interpersonal relationships that come along with that. With this experience, we offer new opportunities for a global education.

Alumnes del Sant Ignasi a Nova York

«We begin the course with the desire that our students exchange ideas with their classmates from another Jesuit school. It is impressive to see how a strong friendship is born suddenly.
The students are grateful for the experience, for expanding and enriching their worldview, for having risked leaving their comfort zone, and to be global citizens. From that moment on, a great step is clearly seen in their training as competent, compassionate, committed and conscious people.”

Thomas Powers, Director of Global Initiatives Modern Languages St. Peter's Prep (New Jersey)