The worldwide educational network of the Society of Jesus.

We give an international dimension to our educational strategy. We participate in the movement of non-university educational institutions of the Society of Jesus, an international Jesuit network that operates in three territorial areas: national, European and worldwide.

Global education network

National: Educsi Network

The link between Spain's 69 Jesuit schools and Radio ECCA to promote cooperation among professionals and students from all over the country. A project with nearly 6,000 educators working with over 80,000 students through in-person training and almost 40,000 remotely.

Xarxa mundial de Jesuites Educacio

European: JECSE Network

The network of Jesuit schools from all over Europe that promotes collaboration among students and educators from different countries. It is made up of 179 schools in 21 countries and serves a total of 170,000 students.

Xarxa Mundial de la Fundacio Jesuites

Worldwide: ICAJE Network

The most international dimension of the Jesuit network: ICAJE. Made up of 827 Jesuit schools around the world, this network serves 857,186 students thanks to the collaboration of 51,284 educators.

This global network brings together all Ignatian educational centres and promotes cooperation through a common digital platform: EDUCATE MAGIS.

Xarxa Mundial de l'escola Jesuites Casp

Educate Magis: an international educational strategy

The mission of Educate Magis is to manage a vibrant online community that connects Jesuit and Ignatian educators in a global strategy. It transcends borders and opens up possibilities in our schools. Sharing programmes and resources for students and encouraging collaboration between educators to create new ones. The objective: to empower the global network of schools to renew, innovate and reimagine the Jesuit educational tradition.

Alumnes d'ESO de l'escola Jesuites Clot

Global map: the Jesuit network

Consult the map of institutions comprising the international educational strategy of the Society of Jesus.

Xarxa mundial de Fundacio Jesuites