Jesuit educational project.

We foster a global educational approach in all our centres. We progress together to educate students in their academic as well as their personal development. Discover our vision of education.

Educational project


Horitzó+ is our Jesuit educational project, a global project with continuity throughout the stages. We look to the future with hope and dedication in order to turn students into people capable of transforming their environment through five axes working to develop:

Key skills for the 21st century

Education that integrates skills such as flexibility, creativity, teamwork and communication skills.

Projecte educatiu de les escoles de la xarxa de Jesuites Educacio

The critical spirit

We encourage reflection so that students make decisions that will guide their future actions and behaviour.

Aprenentatge personalitzat de la xarxa de Jesuites Educacio

Personalised learning

We adapt learning to the personal growth of each person. We consider their needs and pace in order to propose methodologies that awaken skills and talents.

Projecte educatiu de les escoles Jesuites Educacio

Global citizenship

A complete educational proposal that takes into account real challenges and prepares students to understand the world and improve it.

Evaluating to learn

We understand academic excellence as a dimension of personal growth. That is why we encourage students to set their own goals for improvement.

We position our educational proposal within a global framework of action: Ignatian pedagogy

Ignatian pedagogical paradigm

The Ignatian paradigm transforms any experience into an opportunity to learn. In schools, students grow academically and humanistically, in order to improve their relationships with the world and with each other.

Projecte educatiu de la xarxa de Jesuites Educacio

Social sphere

We open schools to the world to build a hopeful future. We awaken in students the critical spirit and care for the environment. We inspire a transformative way of seeing life, which changes the reality around us.

Sustainability and ecology at JE: Caring for our common home

According to Arturo Sosa, Father General of the Society of Jesus, "the conservation over time of the living conditions of the planet is a human responsibility laden with ethical and spiritual meaning".

We promote a lifestyle committed to the natural environment. We promote interdisciplinary projects that generate challenges that need a response. We mobilize knowledge in specific contexts: that can be touched, that can be experienced. We are mindful of caring for our common home by taking action.

A look at our environment: Involvement in our neighbourhoods

We open schools up to the neighbourhood in order to improve the environment through projects with a vocation of service.

We establish links with collectives with specific needs, creating inclusion, intergenerational coexistence and the acquisition of skills. We collaborate with municipal civic centres, business coordinators, neighbourhood associations and foundations. We think it, we do it, and we achieve it.

The culture of hospitality: Border Scenario

We defend the inclusion of people who have to flee their territories every day due to different realities: war; political, ethnic and religious persecution; poverty; or the search for opportunities. We are committed to a better world by promoting coexistence, plurality and diversity as the backbone of our society. In this context, we foster a culture of hospitality at our schools. We activate this initiative among the student body through "Border Scenarios".

International sphere

International activity is a pillar of our educational strategy, which also draws on the global dimension of the educational entities of the Society of Jesus. We open our schools in society and partner with actors all over the world. We train students with methodologies such as language immersion and multicultural projects with virtual and in-person exchanges.

Dimensio social de la xarxa Jesuites Educacio

Spiritual sphere

Our transformative educational proposal includes a spiritual component based on an education of values, coexistence and emotions. We help pupils to grow as people with a comprehensive, humanistic and humanising spiritual vision.

Dimensio espiritual de les escoles de la xarxa de Jesuites Educacio