Dual Diploma – Dual Baccalaureate qualification

Dual Diploma

We offer this official programme for the validation of high school diplomas created and carried out by Academica International Studies.

This allows students to obtain a dual qualification: the Spanish Baccalaureate, through in-person attendance at school, and the American High School Diploma, through online attendance.

We have three possible pathways: one starting in the 2nd year of ESO, one starting in 3rd year of ESO, and the last starting in the 4th year of ESO.

The programme is completed by achieving the required six credits, which represent 25% of the US high school curriculum. We validate the remaining 75% when students pass the credits in the Spanish Baccalaureate.

Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi, escola autoritzada per Academica International Studies com a American High School

We prepare students to acquire the best levels of competence based on three objectives:

Linguistic immersion in English

The programme is carried out 100% in English, but that is not all: students think and work in English.

Technological immersion (digital learning)

We work on a virtual platform in which students play an active role, set their own pace of learning, are responsible for building their knowledge and are the protagonists of their own learning process.

Personal immersion (self-management, responsibility and maturity)

We acquire responsibility and maturity at work with a high level of autonomy, learning time management, adaptability and flexibility to work in different and multicultural environments.