Upper Secondary School in Sarrià, Barcelona

Competent, aware, compassionate and committed individuals.

Upper Secondary, all subjects

We open the doors to students’ future with the Upper Secondary in all fields.

Personal and academic skills for the 21st century

We provide students with resources that enable them to gain autonomy and freedom to shape their personal, life and professional projects. We offer quality vocational and professional guidance by means of various proposals that contribute to improving their knowledge of themselves and what the university and working world has to offer them.

How do we implement our Horitzó+ educational project?

In a welcoming and demanding environment, we want to awaken a taste for knowledge and culture in our students; help them to mature in their affective nature and in their sensitivity towards others, the environment and society so that they become competent, participative and caring people.

We offer diversified curricula which, based on a wider range of optional subjects, allow us to customise the learning pathways and respond to the interests of the pupils. In all the Upper Secondary disciplines: Arts, Science and Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Our teaching team

A team of leading professionals and experts in the development of students and in accompanying them in their higher education studies.

Education professionals who plan and assess as a team: tutors, specialists, guides, mentors, counsellors, psychopedagogical team, English conversation assistants, technical staff, management staff, etc.

Helena Labarta, directora de Batxillerat a Jesuïtes Sarrià

Team of tutors

We offer individual or group tutoring to take care of students’ personal and academic progress and to accompany them in the development of their life and career.

Tutors a Batxillerat a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi


We have established the figure of a mentor to accompany the pupils’ spiritual development.

Consiliari a Batxillerat a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi

Conversation Assistant

We propose conversation sessions in English, in small groups, to increase the oral communicative competence of each pupil.

Auxiliar de conversa a Sarrià Sant Ignasi

Child and Adolescent Counselling Department

We are staffed by a psycho-pedagogical team to attend to the diversity of learning rhythms and needs of the pupils, and to provide advice and monitoring.


Extracurricular education team

We have integrated the after-school education team into the school year’s educational team to contribute to the pupils’ all-round education.

Equip de monitors d'extraescolars a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi

Our services

We have spaces and services that cover the needs of students during school hours from Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8.15 am to 2.30 pm; Tuesday and Thursday from 8.15 am to 1.35 pm and from 3.05 pm to 4.55 pm in Year 1, and from Monday to Friday from 8.15 am to 2.30 pm in Year 2.


We have a space where students can take part in teaching activities, learn to enjoy reading or use it as a place for study or consultation.

We have a vast collection of books for all ages, newspapers and magazines, computers and rooms for group work.

Online platform

We publish internal school information through the laNet platform, the school app and the class diaries, to view and track school activities and proposals.

Nurse’s office

We attend to the primary care needs of our pupils throughout the school day.

Dining room with own kitchen

We offer balanced menus adapted to suit the needs of the pupils, supervised by nutritionists.

Sale of school and sports clothing

School clothes can be purchased via our online shop.

Christian community

We offer the possibility of experiencing the Christian faith together with other families in formative spaces.

Our facilities

Safe, welcoming spaces with the necessary space for students.

We answer to the vital and educational needs of our students with spaces that encourage learning and links with the educational community. We have a laboratory, an arts and technology room, conference rooms and other specific spaces for different activities.

Get to know our facilities
Instal·lacions de Batxillerat a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi
Instal·lacions de Batxillerat a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi
Instal·lacions de Batxillerat a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi
Instal·lacions de Batxillerat a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi

Extracurricular activities

We continue to foster the comprehensive education of our pupils through sporting and cultural activities outside school hours.

We offer sporting, cultural and artistic activities outside school hours. These activities are run and managed by the school and are voluntary. They form part of our educational project and the comprehensive education of our pupils.

Extraescolars esportives a les escoles de la xarxa Jesuites Educacio


We foster the values of belonging and team spirit, cooperation and knowledge of oneself and others through sport. We can provide a wide range of activities for all ages.
· Basketball
· Football
· Gymnastics
· Athletics
· Judo
· Swimming

Extraescolar culturals a les escoles de Jesuites Educacio


We propose an ongoing approach to learning English.

Escola de Música Kostka

Music school

We ensure high-quality musical education that fosters knowledge, enjoyment and appreciation of music. We offer music education based on voice training, auditory work, musical reading and writing, individual learning of the instrument and musical practice in groups. We encourage creativity and foster work on values such as respect, commitment, perseverance and the ethos of hard work.
Our project is structured throughout all the educational stages, adapting the various activities to the age of the children, young people or adults.
· Music

Casal extraescolar de l'ESO de l'escola Jesuites Clot

Summer camps and schools

Summer and English coexist. We plan stays in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

Spiritual growth activities


We travel to get closer to the origins of the Society of Jesus. We offer a time for personal and spiritual reflection, and a space to answer the questions we raise: Who am I? Who do I want to be? On whose behalf do I want to live?


We visit the Auschwitz concentration camp and its surroundings. We will have an experience of personal and spiritual exploration of this reality, in order to individually reflect on our position in the world.


We spend time with other young people to stop and dedicate time to prayer, silence, reflection and encounter with God in the Taizé community. This activity helps young people in their process of personal maturity and Christian living, at an important stage of their lives.

Southern border

We travelled to Ceuta to discover the real situation of the people who come to Spain trying to cross the border fence. We accompany our students to become aware of the reality, to break down borders and to be conscious that hospitality is the alternative.

Life experiences in summer

We offer retreats, urban work camp, the Way of St. James.

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