Features that set Jesuïtes Sarrià - Sant Ignasi apart from other schools

Reasons for choosing our school.

We work with our pupils on a series of aspects that make up our identity as a school, that define us and give us special meaning.

Why choose us?

Personal excellence

We view outstanding people as those with valuable life experiences. We value persistence, independent judgement, the ability to adapt to complex realities and to evolve, in order to contribute to making a better world.

Alumnes d'infantil de l'escola Jesuites Sarria - Sant Ignasi

Academic excellence

We foster intellectual curiosity. We form people who are curious and motivated to learn and discover. We educate autonomous people with communication skills, who know how to work collaboratively and as part of a network.

Alumne de l'escola Jesuites Sarria - Sant Ignasi escrivint a la pissarra digital

International sphere

We educate open-minded, enterprising and digital people, capable of embracing the challenge of diversity in a complex and multicultural world. We offer international experiences so that our pupils are able to embrace global challenges with new levels of responsibility.

Dimensió Internacional a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi

Green school

We ensure ecological awareness and consciousness. We foster the active participation of the Sant Ignasi educational community in order to contribute to improving our environment.

Nenes fent neteja de l'arbust

Social commitment and Ignatian spirituality

We propose spaces and ways of connection that last over time. We encourage the participation of families.

Dimensio social de la xarxa Jesuites Educacio

Sport and values

Help to shape the core values of belonging and team spirit, cooperation, acceptance and knowledge of oneself and others.

Alumnes a l'extraescolar de voleivol per a Primaria i ESO de l'escola Jesuites Sarria - Sant Ignasi