International experiences and projects

International experiences and projects

International projects


We visit the Auschwitz concentration camp and its surroundings.

We will have an experience of personal and spiritual exploration of this reality, in order to individually reflect on our position in the world.


We share a spiritual experience with different Jesuit schools. We experience a moment of silence, of prayer, of awareness of the vital moment in which we live.

JEEP (Jesuit European Educational Project)

We are part of the international project that simulates the work of the European Parliament.

We participate in this global civic project together with eight European Jesuit schools.

Water is Life

We train young leaders in the area of water research and management on a global scale.

We participate in this biannual international congress in which students from different countries share the results of their research.

The Jesuit Star Conference Project, Mount St Mary’s College (UK)

We 'join the conversation' and contribute to the goals of the Rio 2017 declaration in this forum.

We discuss a common topic that has a universal impact on the world, in international teams.

The Jesuits and History

We participate in this international event involving Jesuit and Ignatian schools in Europe.

We promote knowledge of the Society of Jesus by focusing on different topics in each edition.