Upper Secondary Education Project

We accompany students along their process of personal, academic and social maturity.

The Upper Secondary is a turning point for pupils to become progressively aware that they are the central figure in their education and to realise that the path to maturity involves making choices in different areas. Reflection, critical analysis, formulation and implementation of these options will shape them as individuals.

In the Upper Secondary we foster personal leadership and decision-making, autonomy, initiative and discovery, communication skills, effort, responsibility and rigour, critical thinking, global awareness and social commitment.

Our educational project in Upper Secondary

Projecte educatiu de l'etapa de Batxillerat a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi

The personal sphere

We provide resources that, once they have been taken in, allow them to gain autonomy and freedom and to design a personal life project. Students become capable of participating in shaping their own personal development. The project enhances communication skills and autonomy.

Àmbit espiritual a Jesuïtes Sarrià

The spiritual sphere

We offer a space for accompaniment in personal growth beyond the academic space. We propose that students take the lead in their personal research, in the profound discovery of their inner self and their own experience of faith.

Projecte educatiu de l'etapa de Batxillerat a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi

The academic sphere

Our goal is for each student to be able to give the best of themselves. We encourage intellectual curiosity, initiative, discovery, effort, responsibility and rigour. We apply more mature methodologies and strategies, promoting the ability to comprehend content.

Projecte educatiu de l'etapa de Batxillerat a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi

The social sphere

We educate pupils to be sensitive to others, their environment and society in order for them to become participative and supportive people in the world in which they live. We offer a specific social training programme coordinated with the tutoring programme that helps students to learn to live in harmony with others.

Vocational and professional guidance

We find strategies for self-knowledge. We offer multidisciplinary seminars on current affairs and various fields of knowledge. We provide contacts with the professional and university world.


We become aware of our own interests with self-knowledge tests and tutorial work.

We develop personal reflection. We explore life options and help in making career decisions.


We contribute to completing education that we regard as integral and we help students to find vocations with more than 25 seminars: privileged spaces for reflection and dialogue:

  • Scientific and technological sphere: Mysteries of the Universe • Mathematics • The threat of climate change in 3D • Global change: how we got here and what lies ahead • Unique chemistry • Medical seminar and emerging viruses • Mechanics, automatics and electronics • It’s all chemistry…
  • Social, humanistic and economic fields: Business leadership, labour research and social economy • Political and democratic participation • Introduction to law • Debate club • I will bear witness to the end • The enigmas of the Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights • The secrets of the publishing world • The vocation of the translator…
  • Artistic and musical sphere: Mural painting workshop • Sumi-E painting workshop • Music production • Film analysis…
  • Emotional intelligence sphere: Gender-based violence • Resilience and reconciliation in times of pandemic • Learning to be happy • (Un)learning to love…

Career opportunities

We visit companies and organisations in order to gain an insight into the reality of the world of work.

We gain first-hand knowledge of various personal and professional profiles and skills that are in demand in the workplace. We reveal and identify career paths in order to make important decisions regarding their professional future.

Career Guidance Days

Alumni round tables

We organise simultaneous round tables of the various fields of study: scientific, technological, social, humanistic and artistic.

Upwards of 40 former university students explain what the change from school to university meant, what they expected and what they encountered, the attitude with which you have to approach university studies, how you have to prepare yourself and what you have to work on from the Upper Secondary school onwards.

Professional round tables

We also bring together 50 professionals from various sectors of life such as design, health, architecture, performing arts, culture, marketing, education, tourism, entrepreneurship, law, engineering and physics.

Twelve round tables that help to resolve queries and pave the way for new possibilities for the future.

Academic curriculum

We offer diversified curricula, which allow us to customise the learning pathways and respond to the interests of the pupils.

We provide pathways designed for access to university degrees.

We ensure that the systematic study of the preceding level takes place in a more conscious and responsible manner.

We apply more mature methodologies and strategies and enhance the ability to comprehend the contents.

Vital growth experiences


We prepare our students to cope with the challenge of diversity.

We recognise the differences that exist, but we seek to find common ground between different cultures and people.

We encourage the use of languages as a vital tool to achieve this goal.

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JEEP (Jesuit European Educational Project)

We are part of the international project that simulates the work of the European Parliament.

We participate in this global civic project together with eight European Jesuit schools.