Erasmus+ accreditation

We are an Erasmus+ centre accredited by the SEPIE (Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education).

We have Erasmus+ accreditation in the area of school education (from Primary to Baccalaureate) and in the area of Vocational Training.

We have a structured and long-term plan (Erasmus Plan) with which we carry out high-quality study abroad experiences for students. We have stable financing for our participants every year.

Acreditació Erasmus+

What are the objectives of this Erasmus+ accreditation?

Strengthen the European dimension of teaching and learning (all sectors).

Improve the quality of teaching and learning in school education.

Support the professional development of teachers, management teams and staff.

Encourage the use of ICT and innovative teaching methodologies.

Improve language learning and linguistic diversity.

Promote the exchange and transfer of good practices.

Encourage the recognition of the learning obtained by students and teachers during their experiences abroad.

Contribute to the creation of the European Education Area.