February 26th, 2024

Artemis, a new era in space exploration

Do you dare to dream? In the coming years we will see how humans return to the Moon and witness the launch of the modules that will make up Gateway, the international lunar station. We will also see ESA astronauts walking on the Moon.

NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and other space agencies have entered a new era in space exploration: the Artemis Project.

High School pupils have learnt about the Artemis project from Carlos García-Galán, an Andalusian engineer working at NASA. It will reactivate manned exploration of the Moon, and serve as a base for travel for Mars.

ARTEMIS - NASA - ESA - Jesuïtes Sarrià - Sant Ignasi

In his talk, García-Galán explained the project's successes so far and what awaits us in the future: the return of man to the Moon and the creation of a lunar orbital station: Gateway.

Carlos García-Galán is responsible for the integration of the European Service Module (ESM) in the Orion spacecraft. He is a great communicator and his public lectures are an inspiration for hundreds of young people from the 'Artemis generation', the generation that will take humans to Mars.

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This interesting activity aims to raise awareness of space exploration from an international point of view and the benefits it brings to humanity, acting as an inspiration to students participating and promoting interest in STEM studies.