April 10th, 2024

PIN 4 students have become professional reporters!

Over the last few weeks the pupils in PIN 4 have been working on the Reporters.cat project. The project began with a commission: to create a report on the counties of Catalonia for a socio-cultural supplement for the school's digital magazine.

This project has seen each team of reporters discover the characteristics and traditions of the Catalan region they have been assigned and produce a report which, this year, will also be presented at the Floral Games.

Like any project, they have worked through the following phases: approaching the situation, understanding the situation, planning, research, synthesis and transfer in order to achieve a final product and thus meet the challenge set.

These different stages have involved a broad range of activities related to different areas of skills: through play and discovery, they have learnt the contents of environmental knowledge; they have worked on artistic expression: through research into the traditions of the counties they have created their own giants; they have carried out significant language learning; they have worked individually and cooperatively, and have become aware of their own learning and have become real reporters!

You are welcome to read their reports by clicking on this link!