April 26th, 2024

Our legends

Throughout the month of April, the boys and girls of Infantil have worked on the Our legends node. In this node the children approach the literary genres of the legend and the auca.

Before, information was passed from parents to children and so it was common for everyone to know legends, but this is now being lost. Our community would also like to know about them and be able to explain them. For this reason, we wanted to recover this literary genre and bring the popular culture of the territory to children. They will transform the legend into an auca.

In this node the general learning objectives have been:

1.Get to know some legends of the nearby environment.

2.Know different textual typologies: the legend, the auca and the scroll.

3.Encourage collaborative work among children

4.Enhance children's imagination and creativity.

5.Use oral and written language as a communication tool.


The nodes are a methodological proposal based on project work. The child becomes the builder of his own learning through play, research and relationships with peers, exploring according to his interests. He makes the decisions and looks for his own strategies to find solutions to challenges and situations he encounters, while the adult acts as a guide. We work in inter-age communities to solve significant and relevant challenges, thus enhancing social relationships while responding to the different maturational rhythms.

The nodes are developed following the didactic sequence:

provoke ·Ask · Research · Apply · Communicate · Reflect