March 28th, 2023

CREA project in 1st and 2nd ESO

The CREA project in 1st ESO is intended as a space where students can develop their creativity. A space in which they work on an area of their choosing and on a project agreed with a team of students who have the same interests. The CREA project aims to encourage students to give the best of themselves and focus their life project. The objectives of CREA are to promote creativity, to allow students to propose and choose a project, to provide space to develop students' entrepreneurial attitude and to encourage students to choose the intelligence/talent in which they feel most comfortable. The CREA project in 2nd NEI-ESO is based on the study of the city of Barcelona from different areas: cultural/historical, technological or social. The students have the possibility to choose between three final products of their choice, which encourage a collective creation, in which everyone contributes their best. One of the final products, the model, will be displayed at the entrance of the school after Easter.