December 14th, 2023

Greenpeace visits 3rd Year Primary pupils

All the members of the Greenpin team, who are the students and teachers of 3rd Year PIN, gathered in the school's Green Room to attend the Save Water activity organised by Greenpeace volunteers.

The activity consisted of two distinct but closely related parts, the central theme being the worrying reality of the ongoing drought.

The first part was a talk, accompanied by slides, on the importance of water and how to save it. Since in the 2nd year of Primary we are doing the project "The treasure of water", it was easy for us to connect the ideas and make some interesting contributions.

The second part involved a performance, a small play, in which there was a magical character and two mothers who were a bit absent-minded and wasted water. Luckily we were there to remind them!

We are very grateful to Corinne, Jose, Guadalupe, Samanta and Federico for dedicating their time with so much enthusiasm to raise our awareness and remind us of what we can do to save water in these critical times of drought.

This activity has helped us a huge amount, as the Greenpin team has a very important mission: to achieve a greener and more sustainable Sant Ignaci and planet!