October 18th, 2023

We visit the MAR Centre Fòrum with the students of the CFGM in Care for People in a Situation of Dependency

Within the framework of the learning scenario on "Professional Communication" of the CFGM in Care for People in a Situation of Dependency, we have set up a project, ECREVI (Experiences of Vital Growth), with the theatre group of the Centre Fòrum at Hospital del Mar.

The aims of this project are:

  • To improve social and professional communication skills in a practical and experiential way.
  • To promote the practical learning of a professional role based on respect and recognition of rights and capacities in all people.
  • Promote the challenging and elimination of prejudices and stigmas associated with people with mental health problems.

This programme's students' visit to the Centre Fòrum helped them to learn more about mental health, the professionals who work there, and the resources and support provided by the Centre Fòrum at Hospital del Mar. Also to meet the people who participate in the theatre group as part of their psychosocial rehabilitation.

Following the visit, the participants of the theatre group will come to the school once a month with dramatised scenes revolving around themes such as prejudice, active listening, assertiveness, decision-making, emotional control, among others. In these scenes, some students of the cycle will actively participate in order to put into practice the social and communication skills necessary in their future professional role. And through dramatisation we will reflect, work and improve elements related to the professional role of accompanying people in vulnerable situations.

FP- Dependència - Visita Forum Mar