March 28th, 2023

Youth Research Showcase

Íria Escolano, a 2nd Baccalaureate student, presents her Research Project (RP) at the Youth Research Showcase organised annually by the Barcelona Education Consortium.

The Project, which is entitled Quan només penses a respirar: Fibrosi Quística, (When all you think about is breathing: Cystic Fibrosis) was supervised by professor Jordi Basseda and was one of the three presentations at the Roundtable on alliances with entities and professionals in the preparation of the Research Project.

The Youth Research Showcase is an annual competition in which students from Barcelona's schools submit research projects for the 2nd year of the Baccalaureate.

Its aim is to recognise research projects, to provide a platform for the exchange of experiences, to distinguish the best research and to inform the educational community and society in general of the quality research carried out in Barcelona's educational centres.