May 10th, 2024

BinTelligent: In the final of Gigas For Schools

The BinTelligent team that develops its Research Work in the framework of the Gigas For Schools competition has qualified for the final phase of the competition to be held in Madrid on May 30.



The BinTelligent team, made up of 1st year high school students: Hugo Herrera, Ignacio Romero, Montserrat Rex and Nicolás Saavedra, has developed a project that consists of implementing an improvement in the urban waste collection system. This improvement is implemented by means of a device made up of sensors and an Arduino board that monitors the level of trash inside the urban waste containers so that it sends a warning to the centrals that allows the collection system to be optimized. The design includes all aspects from start to finish regarding the creation of a company, the financial plan, the feasibility of the proposal...

The jury has rated his project as "the most grounded" among the works that have been presented.

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Gigas for Schools is a program born to design new ways of educating while trying to inspire and identify the technological and entrepreneurial talent of our students as a clear bet for the future.