May 31st, 2024

BinTelligent emerged as a finalist at Gigas For Schools

Among the 164 participating teams nationwide, the BinTelligent team emerged as one of the five finalists in Gigas For Schools, showcasing their dedication and ingenuity.

The BinTelligent team, comprising Year 1 Upper Secondary students Hugo Herrera, Ignacio Romero, Montserrat Rex, and Nicolás Saavedra, embarked on a project aimed at refining urban waste collection systems.

On 30 May, at the Camilo José Cela University in Madrid, the five finalist teams unveiled their proposals before the discerning jury of Gigas For Schools.

GIGAS FOR SCHOOLS - SantIgnasi - BinTelligent

Ignacio sheds light on our journey:

Have you ever been besieged by the pungent odour emanating from a bin? Undoubtedly, many can relate. In response to this issue, a quartet of high school students banded together to conceive BinTelligent. This innovative enterprise endeavours to combat such odours through the utilization of SMACUs – groundbreaking sensors adept at gauging bin fill level.

Having meticulously crafted a prototype, devised a financial strategy, orchestrated a marketing blitz, and rigorously tested the final product, the BinTelligent team showcased their efforts at the GIGAS for Schools semi-final, facing scrutiny from a distinguished panel of judges.

GIGAS, a nationwide competition at the nexus of technological innovation and entrepreneurship, pitted BinTelligent against Spain's finest, each armed with compelling proposals. The resounding verdict? BinTelligent's project reigned supreme. Thus, etching a historic milestone, the Sant Ignasi team clinched a coveted spot in the grand finale, held in Madrid on 30 May.

In the capital, BinTelligent's founders encountered a fresh set of challenges, embodying the spirit of Sant Ignasi with distinction. Our presentation garnered praise, and amidst this enriching experience, we seized opportunities for growth and learning!

Ignacio Romero Fariñas

Gigas for Schools stands as a pragmatic and hands-on competitive training program, aimed at inspiring students and acquainting them with the realms of new technologies and entrepreneurship as viable career pathways.