January 30th, 2024

School Day of Non-violence and Peace

The 30th of January is the Day of Non-violence and Peace. At school we have celebrated it with several symbolic events. We are celebrating this day with the goal of identifying attitudes and actions that generate peace, to discover it through small daily gestures and ways of relating to others and helping our students understand that we can all bring peace to our surroundings if we commit ourselves to it.

In Infant School, for instance, we listened to the "Peace Song" and we performed a symbolic gesture by filling the playgrounds with drawings of peace.

In Primary School, throughout the week, we have worked on this theme through four different activities: the weekly assembly, the Bon Dia spaces, the Manresa space and a joint event in which we read the manifesto for Peace and sang the song "We want Peace".

Educating in and for tolerance, solidarity, harmony, respect for human rights, non-violence and peace are subjects that we will be working on in the classroom; we feel compelled to build and advocate for peace, and to work towards understanding between people from different backgrounds and with different ways of thinking.

The School Dayof Non-violence and Peace enables us to work and raise awareness among our students about the importance of learning to live together and work for Peace.