February 13th, 2024

In the Key of Sol, a new learning node in Infant Education

In Infant School we have been immersed in the new node In the Key of Sol, linked to the artistic and musical field. In this node we worked with artists such as Sol LeWitt and Sol Martínez. Firstly, we have worked on colour, shapes, textures and brushstrokes, learning to organise and distinguish the primary colours that comprise works of art. Secondly, we established connections between the colours and the musical sounds of different instruments.

En clau de sol - Jesuïtes Sarrià - Sant Ignasi - Infantil

Nodes are a methodological proposal based on project-based work. Children become the builders of their own learning through play, research and relationships with classmates, exploring according to their interests. They make the decisions and seek their own strategies to find solutions to the challenges and situations they encounter, while the adult acts as a guide. Work is conducted in inter-society communities to solve major and relevant challenges, thus promoting social relations and responding to the different maturity rates.

The nodes follow this teaching sequence: Prompt · Ask · Investigate · Apply · Communicate · Reflect