October 6th, 2023

Frontera Sud Project

From 1 to 6 October, Baccalaureate students from various schools in the Jesuïtes Educació network travelled to Ceuta to reflect on the migration process. This is the Frontera Sud project, an experiential learning initiative that brings students closer to a silenced reality: immigration to the Peninsula from Morocco.

Frontera Sud

The experience, which is conducted in partnership with local migrant support organisations and with the support of organisations of the Society of Jesus, such as Migra Studium, gives first-hand knowledge of the places, the people and their stories. The visit to the Benzú border crossing point, or this meeting with young migrants who are passing through Ceuta with the support of the Elin Association, have been some of this project’s most striking moments.

Prior to Ceuta, the participants, alongside all the Baccalaureate students, conducted activities in their schools to get to know and approach this reality, attending various refugee care organisations, learning about the reality of the Immigration Detention Centres (CIE) or through other activities.

The experience was brought to a close at Migra Studium with the presence of the boys and girls who took part in the project and the teaching team that accompanied them.

The holistic education we seek in our schools leads us to forge connections between knowledge, learning scenarios and meaningful experiences that foster processes of human and spiritual growth. Through this experience we strive to break down borders and get closer to the reality of immigration.

We want our schools to be open to the world, with a student body committed to building a hopeful future for all.