May 3rd, 2024

NEW in vocational training: We're introducing the CFGS (Higher Level Vocational Training Cycle) in Early Childhood Education

For the academic year 2024-25, Jesuïtes Sarrià – Sant Ignasi Professional Studies is expanding its educational offerings to include the Formative Cycle of Early Childhood Education.

Early childhood is a distinct stage characterised by fostering the comprehensive

development of children's abilities during their formative years, from 0 to 6 years old. These abilities encompass all facets of the individual: social, emotional, motor, communicative and cognitive.

At Sant Ignasi, drawing from our expertise in Early Childhood Education and our extensive background in Vocational Training, we're introducing a high-quality program. This program will empower our students to design, implement, and assess educational projects and programs for early childhood care, focusing on competency-based learning. Students will develop the skills to support children's development from infancy to age 3 in home or recreational settings, as well as within their families or living environments. Additionally, they will provide specialised care for children at risk from birth to age 6. Within this framework, students will cultivate the ability to devise innovative solutions and enhance actual professional scenarios by leveraging their observation skills and understanding of the creative process. They will also learn to prepare the material resources required to facilitate activities effectively.

Furthermore, we provide an internal knowledge component geared towards at enhancing support for children during these critical developmental stages, where they primarily learn through immersion.

This proposal fosters an educational model that places the child at the heart of the pedagogical process, providing meaningful activities tailored to their interests and needs. This approach aims to help children situate themselves in the world and cultivate happiness. Our program emphasises active methodology, focusing on experiential learning and nurturing the holistic development of each individual.

Through our vocational training, we advocate for the use of active pedagogies. Through diverse learning environments, direct engagement with experienced early childhood education professionals, seminars, internships in nurseries, childcare centres, or recreational settings, international experiences, personalised support, and academic as well as professional guidance, we cultivate professionals of exceptional human quality. Our graduates are dedicated to their profession and equipped with the personal and professional competencies needed to respond to sector demands with enthusiasm and creativity.

Educacio infantil - FP - CFGS - Jesuïtes Sarrià - Sant Ignasi

Our quality training provides access to university degrees both domestically and internationally, as well as entry into the professional realm.