April 29th, 2024

We were visited by Georgetown Prep

This week we received a visit from Ms. Whitman, the Head of Georgetown Prep's Summer Camp. Georgetown Prep is a very old and reputable Jesuit school in the United States, and the only one with a boarding school in the country.

For several years now, Sant Ignasi students have had the chance to enjoy a six-week summer camp experience at Georgetown Prep (https://www.gprep.org/), North Bethesda, near Washington DC.

This Summer Camp "Dream no Borders" is part of the Global Citizenship proposal we offer to our students: a 6-week stay in a boarding school format, combining English classes, social activities, cultural visits and sports activities.


Ms. Whitman visited our school, and took the opportunity to meet the international team and the students who will go to the Summer Camp this year: Marc, Ignacio and Blanca (from 3rd and 4th year lower secondary, and 1st year upper secondary).

If you are interested in this experience, and would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact Anna García (anna.garcia@fje.edu), who will explain the activity in more detail. We also invite you to click on the links and get to know this school.


Thanks, Ms. Whitman, for taking the time to stop by, pay us a visit and meet the group of students that will go to Georgetown Prep this coming June!