June 6th, 2024

Renewal of Faith

On Tuesday 4th June, 42 students from 3rd year Lower Secondary took part in the Eucharist of the Renewal of Faith. This special occasion, situated between First Communion (in 5th year Primary) and Confirmation (in 2nd year Upper Secondary), serves as a pivotal step in fostering ongoing spiritual growth and maturity.

Renovació de la fe

Over the past few months, students involved in the program have convened monthly preparation meetings. Their goal? To cultivate a deeper appreciation for the faith they have embraced, to exchange insights with peers, to hear from older students about their own faith journeys, and to tackle the contemporary obstacles and trials to faith head-on.

These gatherings served as an opportunity to equip students with tools for personalising their faith journey, considering their age and developmental stage. They offered a supportive environment for students to embark on this journey with heightened awareness and significance.