May 6th, 2024

Selected as finalists in the mini-business contests!

The BUSINESS OPERATION students from 1st year of high school have participated in two mini-business competitions:

· Junior Achievement 

· Young Entrepreneurs 


In both competitions we have had projects selected, both in the Catalan final of Junior Achievement, and in the final of Jóvenes Emprendedores of the University of Nebrija (Madrid). In both contests, the 15 best projects have been selected from around 100 applications in each case, therefore, our CONGRATULATIONS!!!

HUMITECH has been a finalist in Junior Achievement and Jóvenes Emprendedores. MOBSAFE has been a finalist in Junior Achievement and DROP TO GROW and AGUA RUNNERS have been finalists in Nebrija.


Junior Achievement is a competition that offers an opportunity to develop creative thinking, communication skills, initiative, effort and commitment, as well as reinforce autonomy, motivation and the spirit of improvement.

On the other hand, Nebrija University, in collaboration with various companies and institutions, annually announces the Jóvenes Emprendedores Award, with the aim of promoting the entrepreneurial spirit among Baccalaureate and Professional Studies students.

Jóvenes Emprendedores is a contest that aims to give an opportunity to pre-university young people to show their entrepreneurial capacity, creativity, organization and enthusiasm through the definition and conceptualization of a business creation project.

Conceiving an idea, developing a business idea, evaluating investment alternatives, defending their proposal in front of a panel of experts... are some of the challenges that participants must overcome.

These competitions are excellent opportunities to grow academically and personally.

The finalist projects:



Finalist project in the Junior Achievement and Young Entrepreneurs competitions

Product description:HumiTechseeks to mitigate the effects of drought by transforming fog and humidity into usable water. This is done thanks to the work of the product we sell, dehumidifying blankets, which through a revolutionary technology convert suspended water particles into liquid droplets.

Creators: Carlos Balañá, Guillermo Belloso, Jaime Bonet, Guillermo Romagosa


Finalist project in the Junior Achievement competition

Product description:It is a bracelet or portable device, connected to the mobile phone by a strap, which is linked to the cellular device through rings designed for the phone case, allowing practical and safe access. This innovation made with biodegradable materials offers comfort and functionality to the user by providing a direct connection between both devices, facilitating their transport and daily use.

Creators:Alba Martínez, Sofía Prieto, Oriol Solans, Oscar Casals and Marc Gabarró


Finalist project in the Young Entrepreneurs competition of the University of Nebrija

Product description:We seek to transform a commonly used product into an innovative tool for sustainable development, fusing domestic functionality with environmental conservation. We want to be based on our ethical principles, which are sustainable production, equality between workers and social responsibility.

Creators:María Méndez, Inés De Toca, Marian Safa, María Tárrega and Blanca Colom



Finalist project in the Young Entrepreneurs competition of the University of Nebrija

Product description:Water Runnersis a company that manufactures a conveyor with a built-in water filter designed to address the critical problem of access to drinking water in underdeveloped countries. This revolutionary product offers a comprehensive solution to transport and purify water effectively and efficiently in a single unit.

Creators:Pablo Betorz, Gonzalo Mestres, Pep Casas and Joan Pellisé