February 13th, 2024

Smart Cities got the power

As citizens committed to our environment and aware of the reality of our city's energy and pollution, what can we do to improve the current situation, bearing in mind that energy is an essential part of our daily lives?

The Smart Cities got the power project enables Year 6 NEI students to work on renewable energies.

This project challenges them to become responsible citizens of their city, and they bring their ingenuity and creativity to make the city a real Smart City, i.e. an energy-smart city.

They are thus working on creating a prototype or model of ideas or projects to achieve an energy-efficient city in the fields of mobility, pollution, green spaces, architecture and street furniture.

Among other activities, the Year 6 students visited the Rubió wind farm, near Igualada. There they had the unique experience of seeing the windmills up close, getting to know their parts and understanding the benefits of wind energy.

Within the framework of this project, they were also able to enjoy a talk by an expert in solar energy who spoke to them about the greenhouse effect and its consequences, explained how to combat it, and finally talked about renewable energies, specifically solar energy.

This project helps pupils to develop skills in the fields of language, art, digital literacy, knowledge of the environment, learning to learn, autonomy, personal initiative and entrepreneurship.