May 2nd, 2023

Seen and not seen: Scientific lab at Infant School

What elements in our surroundings are we not able to see? We want to bring MOPI pupils closer to the world, to all those organisms and elements invisible to the naked eye with which we coexist on a daily basis.

We take advantage of some excuse, some everyday element, to ask ourselves about what is seen, what is not seen, how we can see things that we do not see with the naked eye and many other aspects of vision, such as size, light, colour, transparency, perspective...

We intend to work in our LAB on concepts related to light and darkness, which is why we have turned the LAB into a dark space full of different ideas.

Our aim is for the children to:

  • Discover elements of the environment that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
  • Apply the scientific method.
  • Use different instruments to research and investigate.
  • Become aware of the elements and situations that generate fear.

This year we are launching a new laboratory designed for Infant School pupils. A space where experimentation, combined with the teacher's guidance, becomes science.