September 28th, 2023

We host a Jesuit school from Denmark

Last Wednesday, September 27, we received a visit from a group of 36 students from Denmark, from the Jesuit school Niels Steensens Gymnasium, in the city of København.

They came to Barcelona for a stay of a few days, and they asked us to visit our school and think about possible ways to collaborate in the future. We showed them the school, we gave various presentations and talks about Saint Ignatius and Ignatian values ​​in a school in Barcelona and, finally, we held a meeting between the Danish students and 1st year high school students; a group activity to “compare and contrast” the respective schools and educational systems.

We invite you to read the contributions of our students:


Last week we presented our Spanish school system to three students from Denmark. In my opinion, it was a good activity to share and learn about different cultures. The Denmark students also shared with us their school system, so it was great to learn how they do things there. When we finished the presentations, we chatted about a normal day in our country, and it was fun and interesting to know the differences and similarities between their lives and ours. We should do this type of activity every time we can. I really like it.

Aitana Selva Gonzalez (1r BAT B)


I’m going to talk about my personal experience of meeting the Denmark students. At first ,we showed our presentations and we shared different aspects about Barcelona and Denmark. It was really interesting to learn about the different ways that they do school and how they are educated in general. I think it was a really fascinating experience!

Irene Bueno Herraz (1r BAT C)


I really liked spending time with people from Denmark. We had the chance to know aspects from their life and their lifestyle. Getting to know them and realizing it is very different from our system, how their school works or their rules…

I enjoyed telling them about Barcelona and the school because they were surprised  when we told them how we do most of the stuff in Spain. I hope they had a great time, just like we did and that they  enjoyed this trip.

I would definitely do it again.

Júlia Magallón Garcés (1r BAT F)


Yesterday we did presentations in small groups for the Danish students. First of all, we introduce ourselves: our names, age, favorite food or sport... And then we started the presentations. 

In our presentation we talked about the Spanish school system, specifically the “bachillerato” school system. We explained to them the types of school, the subjects, the timetable... Then when we finished,  it was the Danish turn. They explained the same as us, but from the Danish’ point of view. .After the presentation,  we talked about the traditions, habits, foods... of each country.

I think it was so interesting because it is a good way to learn about the school methodology in other European countries, like the traditions and other things.

Cristina Baurier Gasch (1r BAT B)


The experience of the visit of the young people from Denmark to our school was a very enjoyable time. At the beginning it was a bit uncomfortable since they are totally opposite to us, but little by little as the presentations were given everything flowed more smoothly.

I was surprised by many things they said, for example that it is very normal to get tattoos at that age or that they paid you to study, but the one that shocked me the most was that in their own school they had parties, that left me surprised.

America Farriols Sala (1r BAT B)