Lower Secondary Education Project

A teaching proposal with a holistic view of the whole individual.Lower Secondary is a period of personal maturity and vital development. In this transition from childhood to youth, it is crucial to work on self-knowledge in order to discover their competences, values, skills and what they feel compelled to do.

Our educational project in Lower Secondary

Projecte educatiu de l'etapa d'ESO a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi


We delve into the construction of their own personality. We work on self-knowledge and inner self in order to grow comprehensively and harmoniously. We encourage teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking. We place emphasis on communicative competence, we encourage the learning of foreign languages (English, French and German), we foster the management of one’s own learning and we establish attitudes and values.
Projecte educatiu de l'etapa d'ESO a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi

ENVIRONMENT: promoter of vocational guidance

We develop knowledge of ourselves and others, awareness and commitment. We understand what is happening in the world, cultivate a critical view and encourage students to participate in improving their environment. We foster learning both inside and outside the classroom.We are committed to flexible communication with families, free-flowing and attentive to their needs. We seek to bring them closer, encourage their participation and their professional and personal support. We strive for a relational environment of coexistence, participation and respect.
Projecte educatiu de l'etapa d'ESO a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi

CONTENTS: connected and open in the world in Years 1 and 2, connected to learners’ interests in Years 3 and 4

We build our learning to be meaningful. We work on the contents comprehensively, responding to real and complex challenges from the various fields of knowledge. We approach them from a competency perspective in order to foster the skills, attitudes and values necessary for the 21st century.We offer diversified educational itineraries so that each student can focus on their vocation.
Projecte educatiu de l'etapa d'ESO a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi

METHODOLOGIES: active, diverse and personalised

We learn to solve the challenges we set ourselves. We customise the various interests and paces of learning. We encourage students’ creativity through learning by discovery, and we promote motivation and individual and team work in research processes. We strengthen links with the global and local environment, participation, co-responsibility and autonomy.
Projecte educatiu de l'etapa d'ESO a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi

ASSESSMENT: we focus on the development of competences, training and education in Years 1 and 2, and accreditation for ongoing improvement in Years 3 and 4

We offer strategies for learning to learn, for academic and personal growth throughout life. We guide decision-making to improve results. We focus on the development of people's skills enabling us to respond to real needs.
Projecte educatiu de l'etapa d'ESO a Jesuïtes Sarrià Sant Ignasi

ORGANIZATION: inclusive and participatory, flexible and democratic

We offer spaces that are designed to respond to diversity, digital classrooms that are connected by a globalised and networked education. We encourage individual and collaborative work, we promote processes of research, experimentation and dialogue, and we connect educational scenarios inside and outside the school.

Our programmes and projects

International programme

We are committed to foreign languages. We foster virtual exchanges and short and long-term stays abroad. We focus on learning communicative proficiency in English, French and German as foreign languages.

We open new horizons for our students, inviting them to immerse themselves in different cultural and social contexts.

Crea Project

In Lower Secondary Year 1 to 2 we continue to foster creativity, enabling pupils to suggest and choose a project according to their interests and aptitudes. We develop an entrepreneurial attitude and encourage a collective creation in which everyone contributes the best of themselves and puts it at the service of others. We show our work to families.

Student Council

We have a body that represents the pupils (chosen democratically by their peers). It represents the pupils, ensures that their rights are respected, encourages participation by accepting proposals and ensures good coexistence in the school and the surrounding area.

Vocational and Study Guidance (OVE)

We help to identify values, attitudes and talents through a personal journey of discovery. We begin to draw up individual life projects. We provide experiences such as mentoring in the world of work, moments for reflection and work on introspection.

We help them discover who they are and in what direction they want to take their lives.

Take your time and volunteer work

We meet weekly with Lower Secondary Year 1 and 2 students to share life, to discover the world with a different view, and to enter into the Espai Magis.

We encourage dialogue between students and educators.

We develop techniques —such as the Positive Discipline model— that help to regulate and manage coexistence inside and outside the classroom.

We also propose volunteering activities within the school, accompanying the youngest children and fostering charity campaigns.

It's up to YOU

In Lower Secondary Year 3 and 4, we propose this two-year transversal learning scenario for students to develop commitment, co-responsibility and service as the main elements of their daily lives. We foster awareness and empathy with the needs of the world around them. We help them to become aware of the different realities shaping their environment, from the closest to the furthest, and proactive in improving it.

We propose volunteering at Casal Loiola or the “Youth for others” programme as a means of direct contact with the groups that are most vulnerable and their needs. We educate on values based on the Christian faith.